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Hello! My name is Gabby! most people know me as TheWittleSheep, a full time commission artist and creative streamer on twitch. I am self taught and started doing digital art at the end of 2016! I fell in love with art decided to do full time commissions! Since I've started I've done art for over 750 clients and done over 2,100 emotes, 500 panels, 600 scenes, and much MUCH more art!

Personal Life:
Sept. 14, 2017 I married the love of my life after being together for 4 years! We now live in a very beautiful town surrounded by nature, friends, and family. We also have 11 beautiful animals that we adore above all! We have a dog(a beautiful shiba inu/Lab mix), a cat, a bird(A Green Cheek Conure), a green tree frog, a bearded dragon, and 6 different kinds of geckos(a chahoua Gecko, an african fat tailed Gecko, a leopard gecko, a crested gecko, and a gargoyle gecko). When we aren't busy caring for them we are usually playing games like world of warcraft, league of legends, and many many other fun games!

Art Made With Love by TheWittleSheep