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Please make sure you read all of the information on the Terms & Conditions page. It is important that you understand them, because they are agreed on upon commission!

 Rush Jobs 

  • Rushes are available at any time unless stated otherwise

  • To rush a job it will be your order total plus 50% of your total

    • Ex. If you want to rush one emote it would be $40+20 USD

  • Rush jobs are done as soon as possible with the exception of my 2 days off. If there are people ahead of you I will give you an estimate on when yours would be likely to start, however be aware that this date can change (usually moved up)

 Custom Twitch Emotes 


$40 USD Each or 5 for $180 (This discount does not stack)

  • Emotes with Text are $5 extra

  • All Emotes are drawn on a 112x112 canvas

  • When the commission is complete you will receive your emote(s) in 3 sizes:

    • 112x112​

    • 56x56

    • 28x28

 Custom Subscriber/Bit Badges 


$30 USD for the base Design

  • Each color Change Past the first is $10

  • Each design with minor changes is $15

  • each design with Major changes is $20

  • When the commission is complete you will receive your Badge(s) in 3 sizes:

    • 72x72

    • 36x36

    • 18x18

  • When you commission a badge please be considerate of how small a canvas size it is. Details will muddy up the overall view so clean and simple is always best!

 Custom Twitch Panels 


​Price Varies Based on Level of Details Wanted:

Simple Design: $15 USD /Ea

  • Simple Design with Words/Label​

  • Can include an emote you've commissioned from me

Unique Design: $40 USD /Ea

  • A unique design for each separate panel​

  • simple background plus above

Deluxe Design: $50 USD /Ea

  • Unique design from one panel with a larger image above or on it​

  • Can be fullbody or headshot

  • includes box and text/info

Additional pets, items, etc will have extra costs

You can Choose different options for each panel, they do not all have to be the same level/scale. Please make sure you specify which you want for what.

 Custom Twitch/Twitter/Youtube Banners 


Simple Design: $25 USD /Ea

  • Channel Name/Social Media Info

  • Simple Backgrounds

  • Can include emotes/chibis you've commissioned from me

Complex Design: $45 USD /Ea

  • Unique Character/Chibi/Etc

  • simple Background

  • channel name/social media info

Full Custom Design: Starts at $55 USD /Ea

  • Unique character/Chibi/Etc

  • extra props and designs

  • Channel name/social media info

  • unique background

Additional pets, items, etc will have extra costs


 Custom Profile Pictures/Icons 

$45 USD /ea 

  • All Icons are drawn on a 500x500 canvas

  • Can have simple colored background or slightly more complex

Additional pets, items, etc will have extra costs

 Custom Twitch Stream Scenes 

Simple Scene: $25 USD /Ea

  • Channel/Social Media Info​

  • Simple/Sligthly Complex Background

  • No characters/Chibis/Etc

Complex Scene: Starts at $50 USD /Ea 

  • Channel/Social Media Info​

  • Simple/Slighly complex background

  • Chibi/character/Design

Full Custom Scene: Starts at $85 USD /Ea

  • Full custom background​

  • channel/social media info

  • character/chibi/props/designs/etc

Animations are also available for an extra fee! 

Additional pets, items, etc will have extra costs

You can pick different options for different scenes, they dont all have to be the same level or type.

 Custom Logo/Merch Design 


​Price Varies Based on Details Wanted

  • Depending on complexity designs range from $100 to $200 USD 

  • That price includes rights to sell the design on merchandise

  • if you want merch rights on a piece you have previously commissioned it is $50 USD for each piece you want rights to, this fee includes upscaled versions of your chosen piece(s)

  • If you would like the piece altered or extra details added in an extra fee will be added



​Price Varies Based on Details Wanted

  • Depending on complexity and size of the animation

  • I don't accept all animations, it depends entirely on how complex it is and if I feel comfortable doing the animation you are looking for, however if I feel I can do it I am more than happy to work with you!


Custom Chibis/Gifts/Wallpapers/Etc

​Price Varies Based on Details Wanted

  • Depending on complexity and size of the piece or pieces

  • If you plan on printing it there will be an additional cost for merch rights