Please make sure you read all of the information on the Terms & Conditions page. It is important that you understand them, because they are agreed on upon commission!

 Rush Jobs 

  • Rushes are available at any time unless stated otherwise

  • To rush a job it will be your order total plus 50% of your total

    • Ex. If you want to rush one emote it would be $40+20 USD

  • Rush jobs are done as soon as possible with the exception of my 2 days off. If there are people ahead of you I will give you an estimate on when yours would be likely to start, however be aware that this date can change (usually moved up)

First time Returning Customers recieve 10% off​

 Custom Twitch Emotes 

 Custom Subscriber/Bit Badges 

 Custom Twitch Panels 

 Custom Twitch/Twitter/Youtube Banners 

 Custom Profile Pictures/Icons 

 Custom Twitch Stream Scenes 

 Custom Logo/Merch Design 


Custom Chibis/Gifts/Wallpapers/Etc



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